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Dating an ironman triathlete, the best place to meetup with triathlon singles

You should definitely talk to her about how you feel. But relationships are definitely a compromise and us tri ladies need to man up and go out every once and awhile to appease our man when we are tired! Lots of communication, dating cougars online lots of compromise. And the pile only ever gets bigger because nothing is ever thrown away even when it is usurped by a costly upgrade.

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It's nice once in a while yes. Something else to discuss is if she is doing too much high intensity training for her current fitness level. Einstein got divorced, are you saying you are smarter than Einstein? My wife got into triathlons, so, to spend more time with her, dating your husband after I got into triathlons where previously the biggest thing I'd ever done was a half marathon.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Then we can talk about food. Know that the reason they sometimes show disdain for what you are doing is because it is taking you away from the time you would or could be otherwise spending with them.

Portland Marathon - Half Distance Added! So then you try to do it all, and someone always comes up short. That is when I knew I could enter into training for something even bigger.

No, training does not really tire you out. And lastly, Be nice - Insults, name calling, and harassment will not be tolerated. She plans her own vacations around events which I enjoy to an extent, but they're also expensive and I would honestly rather use limited vacation days doing something else. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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Adventures of an Average Athlete. We both go to and leave the gym at the same time. Are you normally exhausted during the week and after training like that? He knows how much it means to me.

Don't be shy because with the amount of food I eat, you can have that main entree instead of a salad and you will still look as though you eat like a rabbit in comparison. Say goodbye to ever being on time for anything ever again, and say hello to waiting around for your sweetheart to return an hour later than promised from an all-morning bike ride. Also prepare yourself for the latest nutritional fad concerning beetroot, or peanut-butter, or broccoli, or smoothies which will dominate their diet for the next two weeks. If this is important to her, you're going to have to learn to be her cheerleader. Which means early runs, even on Saturdays.

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We have a Self-Promotion Wednesday thread. You need to learn that on your own. My husband is not into Triathlons, 100 free but is a runner. Even two involves months of training.

Also, you should only be doing one or two of those a year, between them you take some rest. If I get enough support from you we might be able to include Hawaii in there. Perhaps she has an addictive personality but there's also the chance that she enjoys training more than she enjoys your relationship and you need to decide if that's the person you want to be with. This was during the summer so what we liked to do was go to the pool after I was done and just hang out and relax.

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So it goes mostly unspoken. Ventum Official Ventum Owners Thread. The ultimate goal is to be a team and understand the goals of each person. Long stuff is usually easy paced bike rides with brick runs and I come out feeling fine. On those days, my gf will do things I don't enjoy like catching up on cooking shows.

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Totally agree with both of those and I'd add that there is no reason someone needs to be training for hours every day. Back To Forum Print Thread. Also, I try to be mindful of the sacrifices he makes for my interests and happiness, and return the support when there is something he wants to take time to do. Although we never really know what will happen on race day, be disciplined with your training. We swim, bike and run together several times a week now, especially the long slow distances.

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  2. She doesn't have to stop tri.
  3. If you get in my way you're going to find out what mass start is and let me assure you that you don't want to find out.

Ironman and divorce- the real truth Quote Reply. In my case, I think we started drifting apart before ironman training came into play. Ironman can teach people they are tougher than they thought and maybe that is enough to get them out of a dead marriage.

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Weight Management For Triathletes. This article has been written for a joke - although a lot of what was written is actually pretty relevant to most triathletes. Still want to find yourself a triathlete?

We've avoided any serious fighting or resentment so far so I think we'll be after some talking, planning, and mutual concessions. Relationships are about compromise, but make sure you talk about it. She can wake up earlier and get her swim and run in if she has two workouts planned - it works fine as long as they aren't both speed work.

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  • Two or so big events a year, perhaps?
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  • Our divorce was final in March.

If you both can be on the same page about what the expectations are then you have a chance of finding common ground in the relationship. We worked through it but definitely need to compromise and communicate for sure. There are going to be days during intense triathlon training when you feel your loved ones absolutely hate your passion.

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She may not even realize how she's making you feel. We both pick a couple of events per year that don't over lap. It certainly means that you'll be a bit sore and have tired legs, but mentally you can engage because on those long rides you have the ability to shut your mind off at times. This will be the first time that my boyfriend at the time was training with me. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

When I am too tired to go out we will typically order food in, watch a movie or play cards. Who became my training partner a few years after I started tris. Triathlons are not your life, but they are a big part of who you are. It doesn't help that I have to get up really early for work, so our circadian rhthyms are not in sync. From my own personal experience, training for a long distance triathlon has its sacrifices and consequences.

This maximizes time together during the week. Is this the common scenerio? She became more aware of what she wanted and needed and decided her relationship was not going to cut it anymore. If you're a woman, and you love to do triathlons, then you are! Week days aren't too bad once you get into a rhythm.

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Remember all that space you used to have in the garage, conservatory and spare room before it got filled up with bikes, wheels, wetsuits, bike-boxes etc? Couples that train together stay together. Did I mention that I once qualified for Kona? It was the same year I qualifed for Boston. For example, we go out for breakfast when I return home from my Saturday morning run to thank her for putting up with the training.

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